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Customer Reviews

We have so many wonderful loyal customers, and we love to hear from you all! 

Please submit your product review, story, testimonial about your dog(s) and our treats; and the best ones will be posted here. Any customer who's testominial gets posted on our website will receive their dog’s choice of our product (two packs of his favorite treat).

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Thanks so much to all of our customers who have submitted their reviews, stories and testimonials.

Salmon Jerky Reviews:

Submitted by Neil and Tammy Strebeck and their dog Winnie,

“We call your Salmon Jerky treats "Miracle Treats". We have a dachshund that is 6 yrs old and she started having seizures about a 1 1/2 yrs ago. They weren't bad enough to put her on medicine but getting close. I decided to do some research to find out if there was anything out there that would help her from having or at least slow her seizures down. From what I could find on web-sites was not much of anything except telling you that if they get worse then you would need to put your dog on medicine.

Well to shorten my story I went to Petsmart and looked at all kinds of food and treats and that is how I ran across your Salmon Jerky treats. I examined the bag and it stated - PROMOTES Brain and Nerve function plus other things but that one statement brain and nerve function caught my attention so I purchased one bag to see if it help in anyway. After giving it to my dog for a week (2 a day) her seizures completely stopped!!!! Winnie has not had another seizure in 3 months thanks to your product. We have told Petsmart about how much it has helped our dog and to please let any customer that mentions anything about their dog having seizures to tell them about your Salmon Jerky treats. We have also told our Vet about your product and they are amazed also. We will continue to buy this product for as long as our dog lives and if and when the times comes to get another one we will start them off immediately with your product. Thank you so much for making our dog’s life so much better. You have a customer for life and will continue to spread the word about your Salmon treats.”


Submitted by Chris Zackin and his dog Fenway,

"My dog Fenway has severe grain allergies and finding good quality snacks is important to me. I purchased a bag of your salmon jerkey treats and he loves them. He is 105 lbs. so snacks are important to him. He gets one after he takes his medication and if I am late,he will sit by the pantry and growl. They are his favorite. I will only feed him snacks "Made in America" because he is family and we care.

I have told the local store manager that carrying this product has brought us into his store and keeping it on the shelves will keep us coming back. Thank you for making this product."


Chicken Breast and Sweet 'Tater Fillet Reviews:

Submitted by Jack L. Cooper and his dogs Coco and Sophie,

"I recently was scrounging in my supermarket trying to find some dog treats that were not made in China.  I was becoming extremely frustrated because pack after pack after pack were all marked made in China.  I may have to buy products for myself that are made there, but there is no way I will feed that garbage to my beloved dogs.  Some of the packages tried to hide the location of manufacture by including lots of verbiage that the factories were "overseen with strictest controls" by American corporations.  That doesn't cut it.  It is still made in China.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a package of Chicken Breast and Sweet 'Tater fillets which proudly bore the "Made in the USA" label made by Carolina Prime Pet. A real PLUS is that the treats contain only chicken, sweet potatoes and a little salt.  Man was I shocked.  I read the label twice to make sure it was American made.

Got the treats home and the dogs were waiting for me,  I opened the package and the treats actually smelled like FOOD, not chemically laden compressed animal innards.  The second the dogs got them they actually started drooling.  I have never seen them go after treats like this.  They love the treats and I am thrilled that I have a supplier that makes them in the USA.  My dogs are happy, and I am happy to support a company that is providing jobs for American families, not families overseas.  We must be mindful of what we purchase for our animals to protect their health, and our American economy.  Thanks Carolina Prime Pet for keeping the jobs here."


Submitted by Todd and Debra Rentsch and their four beagles, one beagle- terrier mix and one rescue collie mix,

Kitchen in shambles due to remodeling.  Husband leaves for work early; wife sleeps in and misses feeding time!  At 6:45 am she finds the only missing item from the table was the new bag of Chicken Breast and Sweet 'Tater Fillets.  Items left untouched were the 1 lb of uncooked spaghetti, 6 bananas, 4 sub buns, and a new package of rice cakes!

Empty bag of treats found on sofa and 5 smiling dogs! Each dog loved your product, the question is who done it and did "she share?"